Card Jar

Since I have been in the process of organizing all of my files, one of my projects was organizing my memorabilia. I love to keep thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards or any card that has a special message on it from a friend, neighbor or family member. However, I wasn't quite sure what to do with these cards. I feel like if you can't use something and if it's not serving a purpose in your life than you need to get rid of it. Up until this point in my life, all my cards have been sitting in files, for years, not serving any purpose or being useful.

I was expressing this concern to my friend, Lisa, who gave me a wonderful idea. She told me that she knew someone who had a card jar. She put all of her cards in a jar and called it her, "Happy Jar." She kept her jar where she could easily access the cards and read them when she needed help to be,"happy." I loved that idea! Truly, this simple idea made my whole day and made the organizing process so fun for me. I immediately went to Target and found a big glass jar that would be big enough to hold plenty of cards and give me plenty of room to grow into over the years. Here are some pictures of my card jar. I don't really love calling it my "Happy Jar," but I'm looking for another creative name instead of "card jar." I'd love your suggestions.

I put this jar in my office where I can easily toss cards into it and easily get cards out to read them often. I think it makes a pretty cute decoration also. Thank you, Lisa, for the wonderful idea!

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The Jones' said...

So I have to confess that I have cards that I keep in a file because they have a special meaning to them. I think I might have to use that idea!! Thanks!