Office Organizing

One of my latest nesting projects, was my Office. I have this problem lately where everything that I touch needs to be reorganized. I know that it is a common problem in pregnancy. This term they refer to as, "nesting" is starting to drive me a little bit crazy. I'm starting to feel like it's taking over my life. As you can see from these pictures, it got a little bit out of control! It started with just one drawer. I opened the drawer and realized it needed to be reorganized, but pretty soon it turned into the entire office. My office wouldn't feel organized unless I had touched and reorganized every last little file in the entire room. So that is exactly what I did.

This was my "sorting" process. Can you believe this mess?

I was actually able to clean up that mess and now I have a newly organized office!

All of my files have been sorted through. I shredded 3 bags worth of paper. It feels so wonderful!

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The Napier Family said...

You are so awesome, I wish I had your drive to organize. Instead of organizing I throw away, which has both good and bad parts to it. Hey it was fun seeing you at Paradise Bakery. Your looking so good too, almost there!!