Simple Pleasures

The other day I was thinking about all the simple pleasures I have in my life. There are so many little things that happen or that I do each day that make life wonderful! Here are a few that I noticed this particular day as I walked around my house.

I love when Payton leaves me little notes. He made one for Tim & I. Please notice the difference. Mine says, "To Mommy" and Tim's says, "To Tim." Interesting?! Also, notice the size and quantity difference. Also, interesting?! I think it's so cute! Payton hid this note in about 10 different places before Tim got home from work. He just couldn't make up his mind. I love how much thought and effort he puts into these little notes.

Also, he is constantly making notes for Parker. I love the cute little misspelling of Parker's name. It's those little details that makes these notes so precious!

This is such a funny one, but it makes me so happy when my rugs are perfectly fluffed up. I love to throw them in the dryer for about 5 minutes just to fluff them up and make them look perfect. I love when I lay them back on the floor before anyone has stepped on them. It makes me so happy! I usually fluff them up a few times a week. (I know that I will get harassed for this one, but it really is a simple pleasure of mine!)

I love when my homemade rolls are done rising and ready to throw in the oven. All the hard work is done and they look beautiful. It's such a sense of accomplishment. My favorite roll recipe is the Lion House Rolls. Thank you, Dani, for introducing me to these rolls. I make them all the time!

I love my snack box! I put all of my kids snacks in this box for them to choose from. When they want a snack, they just ask me and then they can pick anything out of the snack box that they want. It saves me from having to haggle over what they can and can not have. Plus, they can get their snacks themselves. It's heavenly!


The Jones' said...

Yes, yes, you will get comments about the fluffed up rug!! lol but I totally agree with you. I feel the same way about a vacuumed floor. I love when no one walks on it. And your rolls do look YUMMY! I can feel the accomplishment just looking at them!

Anonymous said...

I love nothing more than homemade rolls. You just go right ahead and bring some on over!!

As for the organizing stuff...
I dont even know what to say!

Dartay said...

Mmmmm, I'm coming over to your house for a dip in the "snack box."

natalie said...

Brittany I am not going to harrass you because I love when I take my rugs right out of the dryer also. However, I am going to harrass you about the fact that you are drying the rug or making homemade rolls when you are supposed to be taking it easy. My daughter is completely addicted to making notes and drawings for us. The other day she wanted to pretend to make a lost puppy sign and she put them all over the house. That way is we looked at the picture we would know what the lost dog looked like. Aren't their imaginations wild?

Alyson said...

You must be smoking crack to put your rugs in the dryer just to see them fluffed! I don't ever want you to come to my house...Yikes!!