hogle zoo with cousins

I woke up to a beautiful spring morning and knew that we had to spend the day outside. With rain in the extended forecast, this would be the perfect day to enjoy the sun before the spring weather switched it up on us again.

It was Payton's "Day Before His Last Day Off Track," which meant that we had reason to play today. As my parents can attest, I am infamous for making an event out of anything.

I called my Grandma, "Do you want to go to the zoo?"

She thought that was a great idea, but she had to finish up a batch of chocolate candy she was making {at 9:00 am on a Tuesday morning...really? I tell you, she's amazing!}

I sent a text to my sister-in-laws {well, all of them that live in the state}.

Hooray for us, the cousins were coming too!

We picked up my Grandma and her sister, Aunt Nell, who she invited along for the ride. We met Mahina, Eme, Dax, Jenny & Gygi at the zoo.

The weather was bliss.
The animals were fun.
The exercise was nice.
The company was fantastic.
We all left exhausted.
It was a perfect spring day!


{Some of the crew taking a snack break}

{Payton & Parker Snacking}

{Cooper Snacking & Gygi Making a Funny Face}

{Little Eric...I just noticed it today. Wow!}

{Sweet baby Dax. I love the pink & brown blanket.
His sister could not hold still long enough to be
photographed or I would have one of her too!}


Becca said...

I'm so sad I missed it!

See Mom Smile said...

Welcome to Mormon Mommy Blogs! Beautiful family!

Gwen said...

I want to go to the zoo! SO fun.

Andi said...

You are missing a few cousins!!! It looks like a beautiful day to be at the zoo. We have been enjoying days at the park in the nice weather. Now it is snowing!