new credentials

Lately, I really feel like I deserve these two initials following my name; RN.  That's right I'm {pretty much} a Registered Nurse.  You see, I never signed up for any classes nor have I ever, for even one second of my life, had the desire to become a nurse.  I hate needles.  I hate blood.  I hate hurting people.  I'm sorry, but that's what I believe nurses do.

However, since becoming an RN, I've realized that nurses really are necessary to help people, not just hurt them.  For some reason, Heavenly Father decided that I needed to have this experience.  Maybe to really appreciate what nurses do?  Believe me, I appreciate them, but I just don't want to have anything to do with them when they have needles in their hands.

I digress, maybe it's not nurses; maybe it's just needles.  One of my favorite stories is the time when my Mom was doing daily "injections" {that's the preferred word at our house}.  My Dad was out of town and he usually gave my Mom her shot "injection."  My Mom casually informed me that I had to give her this "injection."  She told me it was so easy.  Then she pulled out a huge needle and told me to just quickly shove it into her arm.  What?  Are you kidding me?  No way!  Never!  Seriously, Never!  You can't make me do this!  All of these comments were made while I was bawling my eyes out.  I've never been so terrified.  I tried to practice on an orange for hours.  She begged me.  I'm sure she offered me a million dollars, but I still refused.  Every single time that needle barely touched her skin I freaked out.  I could not penetrate skin with a needle.  Too cruel!  I never did.  My Mom had to call a neighbor to come over and give her the shot.

Now fast forward 14 years, I've just been informed that I must give my son daily shots "injections."  I am not afraid.  I am not scared.  I can do this because I am his Mother.  Being an RN is part of the job description.  I must become a nurse; my most dreaded occupation ever.  I now have new credentials.  I must do what I need to do to help my son.  I'm sorry Mom, but the job description of a daughter is soooo not the same.  I still love you just as much though!

I'm still bawling my eyes out after I put away my needles, but for totally different reasons.  14 years ago I was mad that my Mom was trying to get me to hurt her.  I was scared for me, not her {sad, huh?}  My Mom was brave.  I knew she could handle anything, but I couldn't.

Now, I'm sad for my son.  I'm scared about the side effects, the future and the unknown.  I'm sad that I can't take this pain away from him.  Like my Mom, I am brave now.  I had to become a Mother myself for that bravery to be manifest.  She has taught me to be a warrior.  She has also passed that trait on to Parker.  He is the toughest little kid I know.  I would have never been that brave at 5-years-old, but Parker is brave.  In fact, Parker gets his own special credentials.

Super Brave {SB}.

{Seriously, have you ever seen a kid posing with a shot in their hand and looking so happy just minutes before getting poked by a needle?}

{Check out all our RN supplies}

 {Brittany Jones, RN and Parker Jones, SB}

P.S.  I must mention that Tim also deserves the RN title as well.  He has administered a shot himself and he dislikes needles more than I do.  He also dislikes getting his eyes dilated, watching someone recover from surgery and having a wart frozen off {so much so that he will actually pass out}.  Which is why inserting a needle into someone's body is a super big deal for him.  I think he can have both the RN and SB titles.

P.P.S.  I know we are total wimps.  I also know that we are so blessed.  They are many much, much, much worse things we could be dealing with right now.  I have to always mention how grateful we are for the trials we have.  Although, we would not like anymore nor would we like to trade with anyone else, we do consider ourselves extremely blessed!


Heather said...

That is crazy how many medical supplies he has. Needles frighten me just as bad. I don't know what I was thinking and tried to become an RN years ago. I lasted about a week before I withdrew from all my classes. Good luck with everything.

Melissa said...

you are ALL so brave!

The Jones' said...

so proud!....of all of you of course!

KRiB said...

Parkies has injection super powers and with power he has responsibilities - to come sleep over at Grandpa's once a week so we can have parties!

Tonii said...

Absolutely amazing!! I cannot believe how cute and happy your little man is, you guys are such a darling family! Good luck with everything, I am so glad we have blogs to stay in touch a little :)

Erika said...

Just realized I have been bad about commenting. I love that super brave guy. I don't know how you do it. As you know, I went through the same exact tramatizing thing with mom! Ahhhh scarred me for life, so I am very proud of you. You are such a good MOM.

Us said...

oh that does make me sad, but Parker looks super cute. I must admit I like poking people, but never little kids!!! Emilee

Angie Miller said...

Wow, that is rough. You deserve another title besides "rn" - "Superhero."

Reeses Pieces said...

Oh gosh I think that would be so rough, however he is still smiling. What a cutie!

Sorry I never got back with you. I can't believer how much time family takes up now...especially when grandparents are divorced :)
It looks like Krista's wedding went off great and I love the blue you gals all had on. Very pretty!