big boy bed

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little boy named Cooper who was 2-years-old, but he often thought he was 5-years-old because that's how old his brother was.  He told everyone he was 5-years-old and tried to act like a 5-year-old.  One day, he realized that 5-year-old boys DO NOT sleep in cribs.  Cooper was still sleeping in a crib so he decided to show his parents that this was not acceptable.  He climbed in and out of his crib, scaled the window and pulled on the blinds until finally he broke the crib (and anything within reach) to the point that it was almost unusable. 

When his Mother realized what was going on, she knew that she had to give up her own desire to keep this sweet little boy caged up in his crib and buy him a "Big Boy Bed."  It was time.  Cooper had shown that he could not be contained in a crib any longer.

Cooper and his two older brothers, Payton and Parker went to the "Big Boy Bed Store" (IKEA) with their Mother to find the perfect bed.  They had so much fun trying out all the beds, but they knew that the little white one would be perfect for Cooper. 

Cooper cheered all the way home, "My bed!"  "My bed!"  "My bed!"  He was excited that his devious plan to get out of his crib had worked.  Cooper, Payton and Parker anxiously awaited while their Mother set up the bed.  As soon as the bed was set up, they all cheered along with Cooper, "My Bed!"  "My Bed!"  "My Bed!"

Cooper's Mother hoped that this excitement would last when it was time to actually sleep in this new bed.  {Luckily, this is a fairytale, which always has a happy ending.}  When it was bedtime, Cooper's Mother read him a bedtime story, gave him his blanket and bear, then tucked Cooper into his big boy bed for the first time.  His Mother walked away and as she closed the door she saw Cooper close his eyes and go fast asleep.

And they all lived happily ever after...

Until a week later when Cooper realized that he could actually get out of his bed, open the door and roam around the house as he pleased!  Oh boy...

Cooper LOVES his big boy bed!  The rest of us are trying to endure it.


Angie Miller said...

Ah! We are dealing with the same situation with roaming two-year-olds! I'm not getting any sleep because of little 3 a.m. visitors. Will this pass?

Andi said...

Yeah!! Big Boy Bead!!! Call me crazy but I really like this transition! Good luck with everything! It is much easier than potty training!

Dartay said...

So cute! Those boys are the cutest!