annual jones family reunion

Can you guess what the theme was this year?  That's right, y'all...Western.

Payton absolutely goes crazy for this family reunion.  Not because of the dirt, the lake, the 4-wheelers or all the fun boys to run around with {those are great too}.  But, he loves the themes.  He begins asking months in advance..."What's the theme?"  Oh yes this boy looks like his Dad, acts like his Dad and idolizes his Dad, but he does love a good party like his Mom!

If you haven't been properly introduced to a Jones Family Reunion, please click here, here or here to see that this is not just your average Family Reunion.  The women of Tim's family put all the other family reunion planners to shame.  I'm ashamed this year because I didn't take very many great pictures, but that doesn't mean there wasn't tons of amazing western garb adorning every last inch of the cabin.  These women do not miss a detail!

This reunion seems to triple in size every year with the amount of offspring we are producing, which makes it sooo chaotic.  There are literally kids running in and out and up and down and everywhere all day and NIGHT long.  Pure chaos, but I love it and can't imagine not doing this. 

Island Park has become one of my favorite places.  I absolutely love running around the Island.  I love the feeling of the mountains.  I love spending time with family that we only see a couple times a year.  I love seeing how much every is growing and changing.  I love this tradition that Tim's family started and continues to carry on.


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