sweetie pies

My sister sent me the link to this recipe and I knew I had to try it out, even in my can't-step-foot-in-the-kitchen-or-open-the-fridge-without-gagging-state.  These were totally worth it.  Of course, I completely modified the recipe for my lifestyle right now.  I bought refrigerated pie crust, a can of cherry filling and went to work!  I also didn't make them into pops, as suggested.  I made an icing (powdered sugar, butter, milk) and drizzled it on top.  I am going to take these to our family Valentine's Dinner on Sunday.  These bite size treats are so yummy.  I'm also going to give them to my boys teachers for Valentine's Day.  This would also be a fun treat to give to friends or neighbors.  Here is the template I used for the sticker.  You just need to print these on sticker paper and use a 1 11/16" punch (or anything up to 2" should work.)


Brenna said...

Yum. I saw these, but didn't have the energy to make them:) I love Our Best Bites. They have never failed me.

Reeses Pieces said...

Okay so I think I'm caught up now. I read your TMI post and I loved it. I'm so excited for you and hope you start feeling better. At least your night stand only has one plate on it. Mine usually has a plate, box of crackers, candy bar wrappers....These Sweetie pies look like the VT gift. Think I'll try them.