34 weeks (7 1/2 months)

This is me at 34 weeks pregnant.  Yes, there is a reason this is blurry.  There is no need to see the details of how HUMONGOUS I am.  Trust me, I'm huge.  I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight with this baby and most of it is not in the belly.  This has by far been my hardest pregnancy ever.  So sick, so tired, so miserable, so not motivated to participate in life.  If it wasn't obvious by my lack of blog posts, I basically checked out of life (as much as I could) for the past 7 1/2 months.  I feel like I was still an adequate mom and a sometimes nice wife, but for the most part I have just been trying to get through each day.

Over the past few weeks I've been slowly starting to check myself back into life and I've realized that I really do miss it!  I'm really loving the end of my pregnancy (besides the whole pre-term labor, millions of uncomfortable contractions, bed rest issues).  I ABSOLUTELY love feeling this baby move around inside me.  I love my boys constantly wanting to touch my belly.  I love to hear them talking about their baby brother.  I love the idea of having a new baby around and it just seems like he can't get here soon enough (he is obviously impatient too).  I am so excited to almost be done with this miserable, horrible, awful pregnancy and say, that was absolutely 100% worth every single second!  I know that's how I'll feel once I see this sweet baby boy.  I'm so ready for the payoff.  

Trust me, I'm not being overly dramatic or ungrateful.  I thank my Heavenly Father a million times a day for this incredible opportunity.  Also, I feel like I've had a really great attitude most of the time.  I just need to be honest for record keeping purposes.  I know in a few weeks I won't even remember how miserable I was.  I'm blessed with a memory that seems to only remember the good things.  I'm just being honest so that I can really remember how this pregnancy was (or in case I ever think it's a good idea to get pregnant again).

We are ready, but waiting patiently.  We need this baby boy to make it to 36 weeks.  We're in the home stretch and we're all dying to meet our new little man.  Stay tuned...

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Angie Miller said...

Mercy, Britt - I'm feeling it too and my duedate isn't till the end of September. Why is it I've been LOOKING nine months pregnant since five months? Hmmmmm .... Keep us posted!