back to school

Payton started back to school on Tuesday.  He is in the 4th grade.  How is it possible that I have a 4th grader?!  We are both so happy because he has an awesome teacher that we already know so well.  She was Parker's Kindergarten teacher last year.  Also, Payton has his two best friends in his class.  Below is Payton and Alex waiting in line.   Here's to hoping that this year is just as amazing as last year! 

Parker started school on Wednesday.  He met with his teacher on Tuesday and was so excited to start school he could hardly wait an extra day.  Parker is in 1st grade this year, which means he'll be gone ALL DAY LONG!  We are sure going to miss him, but we know that he is so ready.  He absolutely loves school.  He insisted on taking the bus on his first day and wouldn't let me take him.  Mr. Independent is ready for a great year!

It was so wild to walk back into our house at 8 am and realize it was just Cooper and I together all day long.  We looked at each other thinking, "What do we do now?"  Cooper retreated to the playroom and started playing by himself and I retreated to my office for the first time in months.  It's been nice to have some quiet time to finally get my blog updated.  We'll enjoy these long quiet days together for only a couple weeks until this baby comes and rocks our world once again!


Brenna said...

Um, I'm sorry but there is no way Payton could be a 4th grader yet. It feels like I just had him LAST YEAR. Wow. The year I taught him just might have been my favorite year of teaching (you know, besides the whole getting cancer part). Tell him "hi" for me.

Patty said...

WOW, these are the FUN days!! Love the pictures! We are all so proud of our 4th grader and NOW a 1st grader!

Kristen said...

I think Payton looks just like Tim. Holy Cow!!