norton's visit

My sister and her family have been in town the past two weeks!  It has been a pretty big party and a lot of things happened while they were here.  We had a funeral and a baby born in our family.  While there was plenty of excitement going on, it was so fun just to spend time with them.  So much fun, in fact, we were actually looking forward to them leaving so we could get a break!!  Just kidding, sister!  You know how much I wish your little family lived here so that we could play together all the time.

Here are the cute kids at Gardner Village.  You can tell which one is her child.  Obviously, the girl is not mine.  I wish.  Harper is such a cutie and the boys love playing with her.  There is just so much to love about this picture.  The bag of chips is probably my favorite though.

Another classic shot...

Finally, we got a keeper!

This is Erika's new baby, Dawson.  He is too cute and always this happy!

Then there is my baby (who is getting too big)...

All the kids talking to the ducks...

More posing on the way to the candy store for some bribes!

Crew in his element, dirt!

Sweetest candid picture ever!

We also got to celebrate my Grandma's birthday while they were here.  I love that we made my Grandma pretend to blow out her candles 10 times so we could get a picture.  She's a great sport! 

Besides swimming and sleepovers, the most favorite thing for me was watching these kids play together.  Harper is the smartest little girl there is (with a temper to match)!  I absolutely love watching my boys play with her.  Parker is the cutest thing ever with her.

Erika is absolutely going to kill me for posting this, but it was the only picture I have of her.  Keep in mind that she has a 3 month old baby and is still very self conscious about her body.  I think she looks great!! 

This is also the only picture I have of Brian (in the background playing basketball with Payton).  I loved getting to snuggle with Baby Dawson and help give him baths.  I also loved hanging out in my parents yard.  The weather could not have been more perfect.

Just chillin at my parents, which is what we did most of the time.  Here we are saying our goodbyes.  Harper does not love to hug...

This is such a classic shot of the chaos.  I love Payton on the couch, twirling his hair.  Classic Payton shot!

Bye, bye, Dawson.  Doesn't he look sad to leave us?  We are sad to see them go too, but love the time we got to spend with them!

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