cowboy up

This past year I've been able to spend a lot of time with some of my amazing girlfriends. We've enjoyed birthday dinners (click, here, here and here), a girls weekend and a playdate. It was time that we let our entire families join in on the fun with us. Michelle invited us to all come up to her incredible home in Park City for dinner, horseback riding and smores. It was fun to be with the Burbidges, Chilcotes, Siebenbergs and Chipmans.

I loved watching our kids play together.
Of course, Parker chose to ride this instead of a horse!
This is a very random picture of our family with all sorts of crazy shadows, but you can see Brandon (Michelle's husband) getting the horse ready for us in the background.
A picture of the Chilcote's (with more random shadows...sorry). I wish I got pictures of all my friends families.
This is Michelle's little girl, Taytum, showing us how it's done!
Brett & Camille's little girl, Makenna, LOVED horseback riding.
Payton looks like a natural with his cowboy boots and western shirt.
The highlight of the night for Cooper was the FIRE. More specifically, putting this roasting stick in the fire until it caught fire and then pulling it out and waving it all around. Dangerous? Check. Cooper's there!

We had such a fun time watching our kids play, enjoying the nice cool weather, eating yummy food and having a fun time with friends!


Jay and Bec said...

Holy cow Brittany! You have had such a great summer! It looked like your girls weekend was AMAZING, and I can only aspire to run marathons like you have someday! Is there anything you can't do?? You continue to inspire me!

Erika Norton said...

I'm glad you like your shirt! I've seen it in a couple pictures now so I know I did well ...and it's not even black or white :) These pictures are making me sad and missing you guys. But will see you in 3 weeks! What are you doing with Tim gone all week? Looks like blogging...yay! Keep it up.

The Jones' said...

THANK YOU GRANDMA CHESTNUT!!! I love the boys attire! :)

Patty said...

All I have to say is cooooool! Kev had to say,"Tooppee's loves to play in the fire!" as I showed him all the great pictures you took. It's fun to see the families of the cute little girls that were at our house in highschool!